DevOps is an evolution in the profession of IT, which aligns Development and Operations teams to the common goal of delivering business value. This is done by addressing the traditional systemic conflict between these teams.

Who We Are

Stanford, Ebrahim & Associates (Pty) Ltd is a BB-BEE Level 1 (135%) firm based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Louis Stanford and Aneesa Ebrahim are experienced and accredited specialists in the field of IT-related Strategy, Service Management, Infrastructure Management, Governance and Sourcing.

The Hammer Academy is our online learning platform, built to provide on-demand skills development for aspiring and experienced IT Professionals. The name was inspired by the famous quote: “If all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail” by Abraham Maslow.

What we Believe

We are passionate about work. Or more accurately, the philosophy and science of work:

  • How the work is done
  • When the work is done
  • Who does the work
  • How to avoid the wrong kind of work
  • How to spot bottlenecks
  • How groups of people do work together
  • How to get other people to do the work
  • How to do work that matters
  • When to use tools to automate repetitive work
  • How to improve work

DevOps is a high-performance approach which borrows principles and concepts from Lean, ITIL, Kanban, Deming and Goldratt to enhance the creation of value.

What We Do

We help IT professionals to understand why they aren’t achieving the desired results, and equip them with the mindset, knowledge and skills to improve their performance. We do this through a blend of coaching, mentoring, workshops, accredited training and playing games.

Why We Do It

We believe in the transformative power of Information Technology, and the potential for IT professionals to make an outsize contribution to the South African economy.

We are also inspired by research (Microsoft, 2004) which projected that every IT-related job created stimulates an additional 17 downstream jobs.